Tutor section

Dear tutor,

Welcome to our website, we are very pleased you found the way till here. Here you’ll find all the information about how you yourself can give students the opportunity to get involved in research and the advantages for you and your group.

As you might know yet, the Research for Students Society Leuven (LVSO), enables students to get involved in research by offering scientific internships. Since this very year it is not only possible to participate in research in our labs in Leuven, but also abroad. However, as this is only possible in a framework of bilateral exchanges, we also welcome students from those countries our students are send. These are distinguished countries with strict selections, making that only their best students come to Belgium.
These passionate students from abroad, as well as the dedicated students from Leuven would like to gain understanding and learn new skills in the fascinating fields of health sciences that your lab is offering. Therefore we ask your help to supervise a student for a four week during project, conducting him/her to new insights, while thestudent helps in your lab.

On this page we explain a little about our Research for Students program and how you can help us with it. On the tab “International” you will find more information on hosting an international student, on the tab “Local” you will find information how you can be involved in the local program. Of course, we would be even more thankful when you decide to offer both international and local students this splendid opportunity.

What is expected from a tutor?

Providing a research project for a duration of four weeks or longer, aimed at (bio)medical students, under daily management of a supervisor. We strive for a situation where the student has his own project, starting with acquiring theoretical knowledge and experimental techniques, progressing through collecting results, data analysis and finishing with presentation of the results in a report, poster presentation or scientific talk. In this situation, the student has responsibility for his results, and the project is typically a small pioneer project, for the tutor to know if there are potential break-throughs in a specific direction.

However, we realize that these small projects are not possible in every lab, and therefore it is also possible for the student to rotate between the multiple projects of the different people working in the lab.

There is no strict obligation to offer one of both types of projects, but since the student learns most from these projects, we recommend these types.

What does a tutor get in return?

In the most labs it is a PhD-student who guides the student, and they often find it interesting to guide a student, as they are eager to learn more. By the presence of the student, the supervisors often improve their communication skills and understanding of their research subject since they are challenged to explain it brief and clearly to non-experts. Besides, the student aims on collecting results, which can be an advantage for the entire group, and once the student is able to conduct some experiments himself, the supervisor can spend his time elsewhere. Of course, there is also the reward from being part of the education and development of a future health leader, and our eternal gratitude towards you.

In the case of an international student, there is of course the interesting aspect of a cultural exchange.


We hope you are interested in supervising a student. For the practical information, please have a look at the tabs “International” for guiding international students, or “Local” for supervising students from Leuven. Thank you for taking collaboration to our project into consideration.

If you would still have any questions, you can contact us by the contact form or by mail: info@studentonderzoeker.be


Thank you very much for your collaboration!