Together we can bridge the gap in our scientific education

LVSO, the Research for Students Society Leuven, offers a growing number of students from Leuven the opportunity to partake in research. This year more than 100 students participated in lab work in Leuven.

If you would be interested in conducting a student through his/her first research experience, we kindly ask you to define a project by explaining the research topic and techniques the student might use, and send this to prof. L. Missiaen, Ludwig.missiaen@med.kuleuven.be.

It is also possible that a student contacts you directly to ask for an internship position in your lab.

For both possibilities (defining a project yourself or getting contacted by a student) it is you as promotor who decides which student can come to your lab.

After the research internship, the student has to make a scientific report of the internship. Besides, the student will propose an evaluation form, where you can score the student.
In  May, you will be contacted by the student secretariat for gathering the scores.

For further information you can contact the president of LVSO, Grégoire Coppens through voorzitter@studentonderzoeker.be.